Former 90 Day Fiancé star Danielle Jbali shares her wisdom with new cast member Jen Boecher, who’s facing criticism for her relationship with Rishi on The Other Way. Danielle’s experience dealing with controversy and backlash makes her the perfect person to offer Jen guidance.

Jen Boecher Under Fire for Not Adapting to Indian Culture 🇮🇳👩‍❤️‍👨

Jen has recently been criticized for not adapting to Indian culture and testing Rishi’s commitment through a pretend catfish scenario. Fans have been divided on this matter, with some questioning Jen’s intentions and the company she keeps. Danielle’s advice could be invaluable in helping Jen navigate the backlash. You can check out Jen’s response to the criticism and her shocking video allegations against Rishi’s family here.

Danielle Jbali's advice to Jen Boecher

Danielle’s Words of Wisdom: Ignore the Negativity 🚫🌩️

Danielle Jbali steps in to offer Jen Boecher advice on dealing with the negativity that comes with being on the show. She tells Jen not to explain herself or scenes from the show, as people won’t care about her explanations. Danielle advises Jen to avoid acknowledging negative comments and not to let fans become friends, as some may have wrong intentions.

Fans Agree with Danielle’s Advice 👍👏

Many fans who reacted to Danielle’s advice for Jen agree that it’s sound guidance. While Jen has yet to respond publicly to Danielle’s advice, it could be helpful for her as she continues to face criticism for her relationship with Rishi.

Will Jen take Danielle’s advice to heart? Stay tuned to find out how she handles the challenges of being in the 90 Day Fiancé spotlight!