Reality TV star Darcey Silva is known for her dramatic personal style and willingness to transform her appearance through plastic surgery. However, her recent decision to support her daughter, Aniko, getting her first lip fillers has sparked outrage among the fan base of the show ’90 Day Fiancé’. Fans have expressed their disappointment, voicing their concerns on social media platforms. Scroll Down For Pics!

aniko silva lip fillers

Silva’s Surgical Odyssey

Silva’s affinity for altering her appearance to stay in line with the latest beauty trends is well-documented. Having undergone numerous surgeries and treatments, Silva’s transformation has been radical, changing her face and body significantly. The reality star often faces online criticism for her choices. Fans have started to argue that the Silva twins are setting an unrealistic beauty standard they themselves can’t attain. The revelation that Aniko, Silva’s daughter, has also begun dabbling in cosmetic enhancements left many in disbelief.

Darcey Silva daughter lip fillers

A Sudden Change

At just 18, Aniko has grown up under the reality TV spotlight. Exposure to the world of female reality stars and the choices they make has seemingly influenced her. A recent video of Aniko has led fans to speculate about work done on her lips. The revelations have sparked concern among fans, who fear that Silva’s daughters may follow in their mother’s footsteps.

aniko lip fillers
Darcey Silva daughter lip fillers

Social Media and the Danger of Imitation

Darcey Silva and her sister, Stacey, are perceived to have lost their identity to the quest for cosmetic enhancement. Known for globe-trotting in pursuit of affordable cosmetic procedures, their frequent trips to Turkey, where treatments are cheaper, have alarmed fans. Now, with Aniko apparently showing an interest in cosmetic enhancement, fans fear a repeating cycle.

Darcey frequently promotes Aniko on her Instagram account, possibly aiming to help her daughter gain recognition and a following. Despite Aniko’s apparent ambition to establish a presence in the social media space, fans believe that Darcey’s encouragement of cosmetic procedures for her daughter is a step too far.

Interestingly, many followers on Darcey’s Instagram aren’t real fans but trolls who comment negatively on her appearance. As such, some suggest that the reality star should avoid posting images of her daughters to protect them from online vitriol.