Wife’s Desperate Plea

Karine Staehle, a notable face from “90 Day Fiancé”, took to Instagram with a bizarre twist. Her posts send chills down the spine as she reveals, “Paul Staehle went missing last night in Brazil.” Her followers were left in shock, as she added, “Prayers that he’s found in safety.”

A Mother’s Heartbreak

It wasn’t until In Touch broke the silence of Mary, Paul’s mother, that we got a deeper look into this unsettling mystery. In her heart-wrenching statement, she admits, “I do not know anything as of right now.” With Paul not responding to any emails since Wednesday, the situation looks grim.

Details from Mary uncover that Paul was alone with a dying phone at the time of his disappearance. “He pinged me his location… he told me he messed up, was alone… his phone was about to die,” she revealed. The gravity of the situation becomes even clearer when she disclosed sending him contacts to reach out to urgently – but received no response.

Entertainment’s Dark Hours

In a realm where entertainment news tops charts, this event has shaken fans worldwide. The distressed mother sends out a plea: “I just hope he has no communication. I have to believe that.”

Instagram Posts Paint a Dark Picture

Adding to the turmoil, Karine’s subsequent Instagram post displays an intimate montage of the couple with their children, Pierre and Ethan. Her caption, dripping with pain, read: “Not all our memories are bad. Our children love you very much.” The subsequent video showcased Paul, leaving followers teary-eyed with an accompanying sad emoji.