Paul Breaks His Silence

Paul Staehle, the man at the epicenter of the recent missing-person hysteria, sets the record straight. Despite the anxiety gripping fans of “90 Day Fiance”, Paul says, “I never went missing.” But then, what happened?

A Voyage Gone Wrong

Paul narrated his ordeal exclusively to TMZ. Living solo in Manaus, Brazil, the TV star embarked on a boat ride with an enthusiastic fan. Their destination? A secluded floating house in the vast Amazon. But destiny had other plans. With boat malfunctions and Paul’s companion momentarily deserting him, panic ensued.

Communication Breakdown

Reaching the floating oasis, the situation grew tense. With a dead phone and barely-there cell service, reaching out to his family in America became a mammoth task. Unbeknownst to Paul, back home, his sudden radio silence had stirred a storm.

Family’s Distress Spills Online

His mother’s distress was palpable, a result of a troubling text conversation with Paul. And Karine, his wife, dropped cryptic hints on social media, raising alarms about Paul’s whereabouts in Brazil. Paul’s perspective? “They assumed the worst.”

Publicity Stunt or Genuine Concern?

While many speculate this was all a bid for attention, Paul refutes these claims staunchly. He admits to being taken aback by his family’s reaction and the media frenzy that followed. However, considering a prior instance where he and his son made headlines in a missing persons bulletin in Kentucky, his family’s extreme reaction might not be unfounded.