We all know by now that 90 Day Fiance’s Big Ed and Liz are no longer together! The only reason we know is because Liz revealed that information on her Instagram account. That isn’t all Liz had to say, she went on to say quite a bit more about Ed and the whole situation.

First of all, if you have been on her Instagram a few days ago, she had a decent amount of posts including Ed…but if you go and look now, they are all gone! She even had the posts up after she announced the breakup, so I’m thinking something big must have happened to cause her to remove them completely.

Liz posted a few interesting stories on social media recently. In the first story, Liz says she left Big Ed in Vegas because Tiffany’s friend was being rude towards her and Tiffany was going along with it. Liz says she didn’t want to ruin Ed’s night because he wasn’t aware of what was happening. She claims she decided not to say anything to him, but he ended up trying to pick a fight with her in front of a crowd of people.

Lis explains that she didn’t respond to Ed becuase she didn’t want to be filmed, but he kept pushing even though she begged him to stop. When they got back to their hotel, Liz says Ed was very upset that she didn’t want to talk about a private matter in public. Liz claims that Ed called the airline at 3am to get a ticket to leave Liz alone in Vegas.

Ed left the room while he was completing the call. Liz says that she found out later that he didn’t actually go through with getting that ticket, but she thought he did – so she went ahead and booked herself a ticket to go home. Liz notes that she is a mom on a budget and spent $400 on the ticket. However, she says she is not sorry for getting that ticket.

In the second story, she shares quotes about narcissists. I can’t help but think she is referring to Big Ed, especially considering the next story was about their breakup. Of course, this is just my opinion, but I’m sure many will agree with me. I think Liz is trying to tell us that things perhaps aren’t exactly as they seem…