Instagram Confession

Mary Demasu-ay of ’90 Day Fiancé’ fame recently expressed her emotional turmoil on Instagram, alluding to intense bullying and criticism she’s been receiving. Her post read: “Hope you guys are happy now bullying someone’s physical appearance and making fun of them. I know I’m not pretty and always, thank you for reminding me that. I hope you guys are happy now that I’m suffering from depression and crying every day nonstop. You guys won, thank you so much.” Scroll down for Screenshot!

Mary Demasu-ay 90 day fiance

A Background of Controversy

Since her appearance on the reality show, Mary has been a figure of controversy, especially with claims surrounding her alleged manipulation and abuse towards her partner, Brandan. With such accusations in the backdrop, her recent emotional post has reignited debates among fans.

Fans Weigh In

While every story has two sides, the majority of ’90 Day Fiancé’ viewers seem to lean against Mary. Her admission of pain and depression, instead of garnering sympathy, has only fueled further discussions on online platforms. It raises the question: Are the fans taking their reality TV opinions too far, turning into bullies?

A Complex Narrative

The world of reality TV often blurs lines between genuine portrayals and heightened drama for views. As Mary continues her journey, facing a barrage of online comments, one wonders where the responsibility of fans begins and ends. Is it fair to judge someone based on edited TV snippets? Or have fans overstepped the boundary into personal attacks? Share your thoughts below!