Dropping Hints & Spreading Joy

“90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” star Mary recently teased fans with a big revelation: that she and Brendan DeNuccio may be expecting again! Mary’s Instagram, a buzzing hub for connecting with fans and her online business, was the stage for this big announcement.

mary brendan second baby

Mary’s Rocky Past: From Heartbreaks to Love Rediscovered

Hailing from Candoni, Philippines, Mary’s tale isn’t short of hardships. Abandoned by parents and later heartbroken by a cheating partner, her faith in love was reignited when she met Brendan, her blend of Harry Potter and Justin Bieber. Their intense bond saw them video chatting round the clock for two years before Brendan’s big move to the Philippines.

A Whirlwind of Events: From Proposals to Parenthood

While recent episodes saw Brendan’s awkward proposal to a then-pregnant Mary, sources suggest the duo already embraced parenthood with their first child. But, Mary’s recent Instagram posts, flaunting a pregnancy bump, fueled speculations of another baby on the horizon. The subtle hint? Her simple caption – “BLESSING” – and a liked comment questioning the second baby.

mary brendan pregnant
mary brendan second baby

Joy Amidst Challenges: Financial Instabilities & Future Plans

While a new addition often spells joy, for Mary and Brendan, it’s tinged with concerns. Their financial struggles are evident, with their store barely making ends meet. However, there might be a silver lining: the potential TLC checks. Could this be Brendan’s masterplan? Relocate, rely on TLC earnings, and secure a second citizenship to work legally in the Philippines?