The Turbulent Love Story Continues

Big Ed and Liz, the reality TV sensation, are once again in the limelight! Following their rollercoaster ride on TLC’s “The Last Resort”, these lovebirds are dishing out all the intimate details. If you thought you knew everything about their relationship, think again!

The Therapy Diaries: A Fresh Start or Just Deja Vu?

“The Last Resort” wasn’t just another reality stint for these two. They turned to professionals to iron out the wrinkles in their relationship. While the series showcases a version of their therapy, Liz spilled the beans to The Messenger, revealing that the televised therapy was just the tip of the iceberg. The duo continues their therapeutic journey, with Liz emphasizing it’s the “best thing” they’ve done.

Yet, Liz hints at past biases, mentioning how they previously sought help from Ed’s therapists, leaving her feeling the sessions were one-sided.

Gratefully, Ed chimes in, applauding Liz’s firm stance on seeking individualized counseling. It’s not just their romance that’s benefited – the therapy has worked wonders on Ed’s personal relationships too!

Ed’s Mom: From Disapproval to Loving Liz?

Remember the strained relationship between Ed, his mom Norma, and Liz due to their 30-year age difference? Fast forward to today, and you’d be surprised! Ed reveals his mom, once a staunch critic, now “loves” Liz. Yet, another relationship remains in limbo…

Tensions High with Daughter Tiffany

Things remain rocky between Ed and his daughter, Tiffany, who’s notably just three years senior to Liz. Ed admits the relationship is a work-in-progress but vows to never back down. Liz, ever the supporting partner, constantly nudges Ed to bridge the gap, emphasizing the importance of taking that initiative even if it goes unanswered.

The BIG Question: Babies in the Future?

With the couple solidifying their bond, fans wonder what’s next. Is the pitter-patter of tiny feet on the horizon, especially since Ed had a vasectomy? Liz drops a bombshell to Access Hollywood, revealing their “son or daughter” is currently frozen in an LA bank. Ed, elaborating on the revelation, says he froze his sperm early in their relationship, anticipating Liz’s potential desire for kids.