A Whirlwind Romance: Wedding Bells in India?

Dive headfirst into the madness of “90 Day Fiancé”! Kimberly and TJ, the show’s fresh-faced couple, have been the talk of the town lately. With Kimberly jetting off to India, planning to get hitched within a fortnight, fans were on the edge of their seats. But with discord in paradise, courtesy of TJ’s family’s disapproval, did the wedding happen? A ring spotted on Kimberly’s finger by eagle-eyed fans seems to suggest so! Scroll Down For Pics! Credit: 90DayChisme on Instagram.

Kimberly TJ 90 Day fiance Divorce

Family Tensions Rise

Our Alabama beauty Kimberly found herself in the eye of the storm with TJ’s family. A bitter war of words with TJ’s brother Yash was only the beginning. Alka, TJ’s mother, soon entered the fray, resulting in a high-voltage drama that had viewers hooked. Amidst the turmoil, even Kimberly’s family suggested a wedding delay. However, the bling on Kimberly’s finger might hint at her defiant choice.

Kimberly TJ 90 Day fiance Divorce

Is the Duo Already Married?

With no official word from the cast or network, fans are left piecing together clues. The most tantalizing piece? A recent video of Kimberly flaunting a ring, stirring wild speculations. Sources like 90DayChisme fuel the fire, suggesting that the couple might already have tied the knot. The impending question now: will we witness their big day this season?

SCANDAL Alert: A New Love Interest in America?

If you thought that was the climax, think again! In a jaw-dropping revelation, as of 2023, whispers are rife that Kimberly is back in the US and seeing someone new! The same sources that spilled the beans on her possible marriage now point to a new romance. Even more scandalous? The man in question is allegedly a fan’s cousin. With evidence linking her address and her LLC to this mystery man, fans are demanding answers.

Kimberly TJ 90 Day fiance Divorce

What Next in this Rollercoaster of Emotions?

With the suspense at its peak, all eyes are on Kimberly and TJ. Are divorce papers in the air? Is Kimberly truly embarking on a new chapter in America? Stay glued to TV Season & Spoilers for all the juicy details and never-seen-before reality TV twists!