We all know Liz as Big Ed’s girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, and now fiancĂ© so it is surprising to hear about her past relationships and just how toxic they may have been.

A lot of fans have questioned her choices when it comes to being with Big Ed and I think they may start to question her choices of past partners too. Based off what Liz has recently shared about her ex-husband, I don’t think he will be liked much either.

Liz recently called out her ex-husband after he was saying a lot of harsh things about her all over social media. Just to be clear, we are speaking about Liz’s second ex-husband – Saied. He claimed that Liz stayed with him when she and Ed weren’t together for six months. He also alleged that Liz begged him to get her a ring and get married again.

After those statements, Liz shared that she suffered domestic abuse while she was with him. She posted pictures to her social media, where it shows her with bruised eyes. She said that Saied is just looking for his 10 minutes of fame and referred to him as being abusive and narcissistic.

She said that she now understands she was being manipulated in the relationship and she is no longer scared. Liz stated that she takes accountability for what happened in the past because she allowed it to happen. She adds that she is in love with her new boo (Ed) and he will never degrade her the way her ex did.

We hope Liz is happy with Ed and that he treats her well. What are your thoughts about what Liz shared? Will she be safe with Big Ed now?