We have all heard the rumors and the difficulties this couple has faced during their time together, but we never actually knew the exact reason that caused their split.

Syngin appeared on 90 Day Bares All and shared some interesting details about why he is no longer with Tania. He said that he felt that he was being forced to be happy and that he was trying to hold on to their love. He stated that he started to question why they would argue so much and how their lives even got to that point.

Syngin Shares Why He and Tania Broke Up

He also reveled that staying together would just cause more damage in the end. The main reason he and Tania broke up was due to him finally deciding that he did not want children. This has been an issue for the couple for a long time, because Tania has made it clear that she wants children in her future.

Syngin knew that once he shared this with Tania that their relationship would be over. He shared that even though he loves her and wants to give her what she wants, giving her children would only end up negatively impacting him and the relationship.

Syngin Shares Why He and Tania Broke Up

The soulmate comment was also addressed and Syngin acknowledged that Tania saying she didn’t consider him to be her soulmate definitely created doubts for him.

Syngin will be on the upcoming season of The Single Life and in a preview of the show it shows that Tania and Syngin are having a hard time creating healthy boundaries because they are still living together after they broke up.

What are your thoughts on Tania and Syngin’s split?