Are we surprised that Karine is ready to leave Paul Staehle at any moment? I know that I’m not. Apparently, everything is not good between Karine and Paul, even after welcoming baby number 2.

90 Day Fiance’s Paul recently shared a video to his Instagram revealing that Karine has a bag packed with her essentials, ready to go at all times. Meaning…if things aren’t going too well between them she already has a getaway plan. To me that seems like a red flag. I understand needing some space at times, but to actually have a system where you get away so quickly seems excessive in my opinion.

Karine is ready to leave

It’s no secret that Paul and Karine have their fair share of issues. At one point in time they even had restraining orders. Despite all of that, they have tried to work through their differences. The pair have been living in Brazil to be closer to Karine’s family, which I’m assuming has helped them quite a bit. However, it is clear they are still going through some difficulties.

Maybe I’m too private, but is it normal to share your wife’s getaway plan on Instagram? That just seems like it should be kept to yourself. Anyways, thanks to Pauls video, we now know that Karine has luggage with some clothes and her toothbrush ready to go at any time.

90 Day Fiance Paul and Karine

Paul also revealed that Karine has used this bag a few times already and he is getting used to it. There is a bright side to all of this, at least now we know that Karine does have a way to leave if she feels the need to.

So…now we know Karine is ready to leave at any point in time. What are your thoughts? Should Karine and Paul have a stronger relationship now, especially after having another baby? Or should we just expect this kind of thing from them?