After Rose wrapped up with 90 Day Fiance filming, she has been working hard to make it in her career and has been doing a great job. Rose has been busy building up her YouTube channel and supporting charities. She has been working on herself and has come a long way!

If you follow Rose on Instagram, you can clearly see her changing appearance. She looks like a totally different person now compared to how she looked on 90 Day Fiance when she was dating Big Ed. I can’t help but wonder if she is hoping to use her new look to make it on OnlyFans? She wouldn’t be the first 90 Day Fiance cast member to do that!

rose vega onlyfans

I am happy for Rose. She was able to rise above the negativity that Big Ed caused and has come out stronger than ever. Unfortunately, rather than complimenting Rose, Big Ed chose to find issues with her – such as with her body hair, breath, and even her living conditions. I think we could all sense how much it hurt Rose to get that harsh feedback from the man who was supposed to be her future husband.

However, Rose proved she did not need Big Ed to be a happy and fulfilled person. Rose has recently started her own Cameo account and hinted at a professional photo shoot coming…but, we didn’t realize how big of a change was coming and we are definitely here for it! Her new rose gold hair, beautiful clothes, and glam makeup caught a lot of us by surprise.

rose vega onlyfans

This drastic change had me wondering if Rose was planning to join Deavan and Larissa in making her own OnlyFans page. Rose has received a lot of praise by her fans complimenting her on her transformation. Fans commented on Rose’s new look, saying they love her gorgeous glow up and they are glad she left Big Ed in her past.

Some comments on Rose’s Instagram photos have not been the most positive. For instance, some are comparing her big change to Deavan Clegg’s frequent use of FaceTune and to Larissa Lima’s extensive plastic surgery to look like Kylie Jenner.

I personally don’t feel like Rose has went to such drastic measures to change her appearance, however I do believe she is making a big effort to improve how she feels about herself. Which is completely normal!

I can understand why Rose would be persuaded into starting an OnlyFans, since we have seen other 90 Day Fiance stars make a lucrative amount of money from it. Let’s take a look at Larissa Lima – her OnlyFans has become a huge source of income for her, especially after being let go of from the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

rose vega onlyfans

Deavan Clegg and Anfisa Nava are both heavily involved in OnlyFans also and have their own subscription plans, with differing content available. The type of content that is shared on OnlyFans is usually more scandalous and is not shared anywhere else, such as a platform like Instagram. Rose can start an OnlyFans just to share more about her life, not to share any private pictures. It would be totally up to her!