Reality TV and social media drama go together like avocado and toast. They’re practically made for each other. But when ’90 Day Fiancé’ darling Daniele Gates recently found herself in an Instagram ruckus, it was anything but your run-of-the-mill reality star controversy. Scroll Down For Screenshot!

A Not-So-Innocent Insta Prank

We all know the drill – fans get creative, star photos get Photoshopped, laughs are had. No biggie, right? But things took a sharp left turn when a fan-imagined pic of Daniele cozying up to ’90 Day’ castmate Scott hit the Insta circuit.

daniele yohan photoshopped picture

When Photoshop Creates a Reality Rift

The cheeky fake-out pic would usually be laugh-off material. But not everyone was in on the joke. The pic looked so convincing, Daniele had to take to her Instagram stories to set the record straight: “Can someone please tell @yohangeronimo this is fake. He doesn’t understand that photoshop is something y’all do to be funny, and you’re putting my life in danger. Happy 4th everyone!!”

Insta Drama Sparks Real-World Consequences

Cue the drama. Daniele’s real-life boo, Yohan Geronimo, didn’t see the funny side. Instead, he saw red. Big time. The fallout got so heated that Daniele voiced concerns for her safety, revealing a dark side to this Insta-gone-wrong scenario.

Fan Prank Goes Viral, Star Safety at Stake

What’s really going on here? Did Yohan simply misread the situation, or are we looking at something more significant? Whatever the case, this fan prank gone wrong underscores the real-world impact our online antics can have.