Just when you thought the drama on 90 Day FiancĂ©: The Other Way couldn’t get any hotter, Gabe finds himself in the midst of a controversy that’s set the internet ablaze! After Part One of the Tell-All, fans are accusing Gabe of unfairly targeting Mahmoud. But what’s truly stirring the pot are Gabe’s explosive claims of Mahmoud’s alleged homophobia and transphobia. See screenshots below!

Gabe vs. Mahmoud: An Unexpected Confrontation đŸ‘„

During the Tell-All, Gabe took a bold stand against Mahmoud, questioning his treatment of Nicole throughout the season. Gabe’s intense criticism of Mahmoud’s expectations about Nicole’s attire and behavior sparked immediate backlash from viewers. However, the controversy didn’t stop there. Gabe’s Instagram interactions with fans, which we’ve included as screenshots, shed a whole new light on his contentious relationship with Mahmoud.

Screenshots Revealed: Gabe’s Defense and Shocking Claims 📾

In the wake of the Tell-All, Gabe has been on the defensive on social media, responding to fans’ criticisms about his treatment of Mahmoud. What’s even more startling is Gabe’s revelation that his animosity towards Mahmoud stemmed from alleged homophobic and transphobic comments directed at him – a side of Mahmoud that viewers didn’t get to see on the show.

Hot Water or Justified Actions? Gabe’s Tell-All Controversy đŸ”„

While Gabe’s actions on the Tell-All were initially viewed as out of line, his recent revelations about Mahmoud’s alleged discriminatory behavior have added a new layer of complexity to the controversy. As fans, we’re left to wonder – was Gabe’s intense reaction on the Tell-All justified?

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into this scandal, unpacking the truths and lies of this latest 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way controversy!