Okay, so, who’s ready for some piping hot tea straight from the 90 Day Fiancé universe? Let’s dive right into this juicy Reddit saga involving our favourite love triangle: Gino, Jasmine, and the mysterious ex who’s come out of the shadows. Scroll Down for Screenshot!

So here’s the deal. In a recent Reddit post, a woman who identifies herself as Gino’s ‘ex’ just dumped a whole bunch of revelations that are honestly hard to ignore. And by ‘ex’, we mean a self-proclaimed sex worker that Gino had been, uh, ‘seeing’. Yeah, that’s right. Things just got spicy!

gino jasmine leaked pictures

According to her, the main goal wasn’t to sabotage Jasmine, as some have been suggesting, but to give her a heads-up about Gino’s less than stellar behavior. Gino, it seems, has a knack for sharing risqué photos of his ‘sugar babies’ (her words, not ours) with others. Jasmine, she claims, was the only one she could get in touch with to share this.

The plot thickens. The woman also denies ever sending explicit pics to Jasmine’s workplace or being the reason behind Jasmine losing her job. She calls BS on the idea that she played a part in all this chaos. Instead, she directs the spotlight right back at Gino, describing him as creepy and manipulative.

This isn’t just hearsay, though. Gino’s ‘ex’ asserts she’s got the screenshots to back up her claims. And her final verdict? Gino is ‘garbage’. Yikes. That’s a lot to digest, and it’s turning the Gino-Jasmine saga into a whole new level of wild. Drama, anyone?