In an astonishing twist of love and fate, it seems that Jen from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way might have found a new love interest, and it’s none other than Julian! With Jen and Rishi officially calling it quits, fans are buzzing over the unexpected match proposed by none other than Debbie, Julian’s mother, during the show’s first Tell All.

📸 Exclusive Photo: Julian and Jen’s Fun Time Together! 📸

Adding fuel to the speculation fire, an intriguing photo of Julian and Jen has recently surfaced, showing the two looking quite cozy and enjoying each other’s company. Fans have been quick to rally behind this potential new pairing, expressing their hopes that Jen moves on from Rishi and gives Julian a chance.

Jen and Julian Dating

Julian’s Cryptic Instagram Interaction Fuels Romance Rumors! 💬💕

Adding even more weight to the swirling rumors, a recent exchange between Julian and a fan on Instagram has set tongues wagging. When the fan asked Julian, “Yesss please tell me you got her number, as soon as I saw the way she looked at you I was like wait they both are single!!”, Julian responded with a tantalizing “oh snap!!”. This lack of denial from Julian hints at a possibility of something more between them.

Jen and Julian Dating

Are Love Sparks Flying for Jen and Julian? 💘🎇

Could Debbie’s matchmaking efforts have actually led to a real connection between Jen and Julian? The signs seem to suggest so! All eyes are now on the next 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Tell All to see if this speculated romance blossoms into a full-blown love story.