I think many of us thought or perhaps just assumed Evelin and Corey were doing better in their relationship. However, Evelin recently shared some information to her Instagram that obviously portrays a very different scenario altogether.

Evelin shared to her Instagram story that her and Corey are not what they seem. In their pictures they look very happy, but she claims that Corey has actually been battling an alcohol addiction. She stated that this is all embarrassing and sad to share, but she knows Corey cares about what is made public. Evelin says that if he believes it’s a secret then he could still think it doesn’t exist.

She seems to be sharing this from a good place, however, it is hard to say what kind of feedback they will receive. The 90 Day Fiance world is known as being very blunt and even harsh at times, when it comes to certain cast members – so I don’t know if it was the best choice to make such intimate details about Corey public.

Evelin went on to say that it isn’t healthy to try and change someone for years. She claims to be emotionally and mentally drained from trying to do exactly that. She states that those battling with addictions not only hurt themselves, but those around them as well. She adds that she hopes Corey’s family reaches out to him once they see this information.

I have to say that I am surprised by this news. Corey never seemed like he had any addiction issues, but I guess you just never know. Also, there are many people who live with addictions and still function in their daily lives.

Evelin also shared that just because people are smiling it doesn’t mean they are happy. I’m assuming she is referencing all their happy couple posts on Instagram. She also stated that she is sharing these details for Corey’s benefit. She asks fans not to make fun of what they are going through and cause even more damage.

Assuming these revelations about Corey are true – I hope he gets the help and support he needs to overcome this. At this point, we have only heard Evelin’s side of the story. Corey’s version of events may be vastly different. Anyways, I just hope everyone a part of the 90 Day Fiance phenomenon stays happy and healthy!

evelyn and corey