90 Day Fiance fans have noticed a major difference in Deavan’s overall appearance on Instagram compared to how she looks on TV. Let’s all be honest here, most of us don’t look exactly the same as our pictures, but at least we can recognized for the most part. When Deavan posts a picture, she gets a lot of comments from fans who are confused by the stark difference in her appearance.

It must be kind of annoying to always be questioned about your looks, but that is what comes along with being in the public eye. Deavan recently shared why she looks so different. A fan had asked why 90 Day Fiance episodes fail to capture her beauty and Deavan responded by saying that the right clothes, good makeup, and lip fillers play a massive role.

deavan changing appearance

Fans of 90 Day Fiance The Other Way continually ask questions concerning the difference in Deavan’s looks on her Instagram page. Fans have asked about all the filters, Photoshop, and fillers. The main theme is if Deavan realizes if we notice how different she looks in the pictures she posts. I think most of us understand that Instagram is not reality, however it’s hard for us to ignore how different Deavan is portrayed.

Another fan commented under Deavan’s photo, saying that it looked absolutely nothing like her and that she thought it was Megan Fox. Deavan responded to this comment by saying fillers and not having bad makeup can change a face. Deavan’s Instagram is plagued with comments concerning her appearance. However, all the comments are not negative.

deavan changing appearance

Deavan has received positive messages from fans who really like the change in her look. One person said she thinks she looks absolutely beautiful. And that most women look very different when they do their makeup and hair for pictures and want to look their best. In my opinion, it would be one thing if Deavan just looked slightly different in her pictures, but in this case it is almost like we are looking at a completely different person altogether.

What do you think of the attention Deavan’s changing appearance garners? Is it too much or do 90 Day Fiance fans have the right to know why she looks so different on the show?