We can always count on Pedro and Chantel to bring all the drama and the upcoming season of The Family Chantel will be no different!

In a sneak peak of Season 3, Pedro’s sister Nicole exposes Pedro by blatantly stating that he slept with her friend, Coraima. That is quite the statement to make and also pretty mean to announce it in such a cold way. I think Nicole doesn’t care about hurting their marriage, which we clearly saw when she was pushing Coraima and Pedro together.

I understand that she is not fond of his wife, but there are certain lines you do not cross and that is definitely one of them! Also, I think Nicole forgot that Pedro is her brother…do you really want to hurt your brother just to get even with Chantel?

After Nicole drops the bombshell about the cheating, Pedro tries to get her under control, while Nicole tells Karen to go to hell, glass is broken, security shows up, and the police as well.

I had hopes that this family would eventually get along, but looks like I’m wrong!

What do you think of Nicole outing Pedro about his cheating? What I would like to know is if she knew this whole time and was keeping it to herself or if she just found out and needed to tell the world ASAP?