90 Day Fiance’s Ariela has brought her ex-husband all the way around the world to visit her and her current husband Biniyam in Ethiopia.

First let me provide a bit of a backstory here – Ariela married Leandro when she was only 19 years old and they were married for 10 years. Ari revealed that they divorced because she was still immature and she wanted to travel the world instead of settling down.

Let’s not forget that the divorced couple are still super close and it is painfully obvious to everyone except Ari that it is not the most appropriate relationship. Ariela is in fact engaged to Biniyam and they also have a child together. What was interesting to me, was the fact that Ari was putting in so much effort to look good for Leandro’s visit.

Biniyam brought this to her attention by asking Ari why she is spending so much time on her appearance and he also noticed that she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring on top of everything else. It was not a secret that Biniyam was not happy about Leandro coming around and he definitely saw how excited Ari was about the visit.

Biniyam shared that he is scared that Ari and Leandro may rekindle their relationship because of how close they are. Things continued to go downhill when Leandro presented Ari with presents, which included bras…yes you heard that right!

Of course Biniyam felt that the bras were a very inappropriate gift to give to an engaged woman. Biniyam just bluntly asked why they broke up in the first place and Ariela said that she always thought they would get back together, but then she met Biniyam during her travels.

Ari admitted that Leandro was her back up plan, in case things with Biniyam didn’t work out. Leandro told her that he doesn’t hold grudges. I think Ari is very lucky to be surrounded with such understanding people!

What are your thoughts on this love triangle?