Well, this is pretty interesting to say the least! It was recently revealed that Evelin and Corey have actually been legally married for over a year, which Evelin shared with her sisters.

Evelin and Corey Secretly got Married

I was surprised to hear that Evelin and Corey are already married and have been for a while – mainly because their whole storyline has been about whether or not they will even get married. That puts a lot of doubt into my mind concerning if anything we see and hear about them is true.

It sounds like they may have been making up drama in order to come across as entertaining to TLC viewers. What I find even more bizarre is knowing that Evelin already chose to marry Corey, while we see scenes that show her questioning if Corey was good enough for her for such a long time!

Evelin and Corey Secretly got Married

Now, I honestly don’t know what to believe when it comes to this couple! That was what their whole story was based on…if they would actually go through with getting married and if Evelin would finally accept Corey and what he has to offer.

I guess we should be happy for them? They did actually get married after all. What are your thoughts on this news? Surprised or not so much?