90 Day Fiancé’s Michael and Juliana have confirmed our suspicions of their split. They both shared heartfelt posts on Instagram outlining their perspectives on what went wrong. To be honest, I am surprised by this news because they seemed to be suited quite well for each other and Juliana got along nicely with Michael’s family.

I guess this is a good time to realize that not everything is what it seems to be. I will start with Michael’s post. He started it out by wishing Juliana a happy second wedding anniversary, so I thought, okay…this must be a post confirming they are still together, but he then quickly stated that it is also their LAST anniversary.

Michael and Juliana Split

Michael went on to speak about their marriage being a Covid-19 casualty. He said he understood how their situation during the pandemic could slowly drain Juliana of her wonderful qualities, which he specified as resilient, self-reliant, independent, joyful, happy, and positive.

He said that he doesn’t blame Juliana for wanting to leave and he said her happiness is important to him. Michael also claims that he is happy that she has moved on and quickly found someone new. If that is really the case, would he be so easy going about their breakup?

Michael and Juliana Split

To be fair, Michael does add that he is heart broken, but still wishes Juliana well. Now let’s take a look at Juliana’s side of the story…

Juliana also starts off her post by wishing Michael a happy wedding anniversary, but she quickly corrected a few of his points. Her first correction was that Covid-19 was not the only reason they are no longer together. She claims that she felt that he was not by her side and she felt the financial burden of caring for the whole family.

Juliana shares that she started to not feel a part of the family anymore, but more as a maid. It got to the point of becoming toxic and not the life she wanted for herself. She said that she needed to leave because she could no longer recognize herself. Juliana seems to deny that she has found someone new, as she states that she has found happiness within herself.

Michael and Juliana Split

She also adds that he should stop making her feel guilty. Juliana apologized for how it happened, but says when she did try to talk to him he wouldn’t really listen to her or try to understand. Juliana goes on to share advice with others who might be in a similar situation, telling them not to be afraid to start over and that you can rebuild your life.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, what do you guys think about this news?