How far should a woman go to test if their man will cheat? The real question is…should a woman or a man even let themselves get to that place to actually consider testing their partner? Is the relationship salvageable at that point?

Alina got to that place with her boyfriend Steven and I honestly don’t blame her. The guy has been showing some major red flags and it is completely natural for her to be suspicious of what his intentions with her truly are. Alina took matters into her own hands and asked a friend to reach out to Steven online, just to see if he takes the bait.

Let’s keep in mind that Steven claims to be a devout Mormon who is striving to follow a particular set of rules, he also expects this of Alina as well. When Alina found out that Steven was not only not following the rule of chastity, but he was going well beyond that (he admitted to making out with over a hundred women and other things I will not get into too much detail about) she decided to take action!

Alina had her friend Masha send some messages to Steven. Not only did Steven not tell Alina about the messages, he even responded to them! Steven apparently told Masha that it would be cool if she visited and asked if she owned a swimsuit…

Of course Alina confronted Steven about the messages and told him that she knew everything. I am wondering what Alina is going to do now that she knows Steven cannot be trusted. How can she go forward with him and even consider marriage when it is so obvious he is not taking it seriously.

What do you think of Steven and his intentions? What should Alina do?