Rishi’s Controversial Stance: No Passion, No Defence?

The Tell-All episode of 90 Day Fiancé was a cauldron of emotion, as Rishi faced a barrage of criticism from fellow cast members. Debbie, heartbroken and furious, questioned Rishi’s lack of passion in his relationship with Jen. Gabe jumped in, firing at Rishi for his failure to defend Jen. The tension was palpable as Rishi attempted to justify his actions, causing the room to heat up. See EXCLUSIVE clip further down!

90 day fiance cast members attack rishi

Talking in Circles or Lost in Translation?

Adding fuel to the fire, both Jen and Gabe expressed frustration with Rishi’s habit of speaking in circles. The cast grappled with whether this was due to a language barrier or a deliberate strategy to avoid tough conversations. The tension was palpable as Rishi found himself on the hot seat.

The Big Question: Partner or Family?

Daniele, eager to get to the heart of the matter, asked Rishi a question that’s crossed many minds: who comes first, your partner or your family? Rishi’s response – choosing his family over Jen – sent shockwaves across the room. Nicole then joined the fray, questioning Jen’s place in Rishi’s life hierarchy.

Heart and Soul: Where Does Jen Stand?

Rishi, caught in the eye of the storm, described Jen as being close to him, a part of his heart and soul, but his words did little to quell the rising storm. The question hung in the air: Is their engagement back on?

A Love in Limbo: Fiancé or Girlfriend?

Jen, clearly torn between love and disappointment, admitted that while she loved Rishi, they weren’t engaged. She expressed doubt over the future of their relationship, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. When asked by the host if he considered Jen his fiancé or just his girlfriend, Rishi’s response was a cliffhanger – “I think fiancé.” Unveil the layers of this emotionally-charged drama as we break down this explosive 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All! Will Jen and Rishi overcome this hurdle, or is their love story destined for a tragic end? Stay tuned!