The Controversial Comment

Daniele Gates, a 46-year-old reality star known for her role in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, has lost all respect from viewers after calling a fan “ugly.” This vicious comment has turned even more fans against her, leading to a massive backlash on social media.

Daniele calls fan ugly

A Villain in the Show and in Real Life

Over the months, Daniele has gained notoriety for her dishonesty about moving to the United States and disrespect towards her husband’s butcher shop. In addition, she has been boastful on social media and accused fans of being jealous of her. All these actions have made her one of the most-disliked cast members in the series.

A False Empowerment Advocate

Daniele runs a retreat business and claims she’s an empowering influencer. However, viewers don’t believe she works as a healer, especially after her cruel actions on social media. In response to a fan who called her actions “toxic,” Daniele replied, “Toxic I can change, when you’re ugly it’s harder and more expensive.” This remark quickly went viral, with fans sharing their reactions on Reddit.

The consensus was that Daniele was a phony for calling the fan “ugly.” One person even wrote, “She’s all about empowering women and f**k the patriarchy, but the first thing she does is calling other women ugly.”

Daniele calls fan ugly

Immaturity on Full Display

Apart from calling the fan “ugly,” Daniele also told them to “find a rich husband” while displaying passive-aggressive behavior. Fans pointed out her immature mindset in comments and criticized her for it. One Redditor questioned whether Daniele was as mature as she looked or if she was “in the third grade.”

What Does Daniele’s Family Think?

Fans also discussed whether Daniele’s passive-aggressive nature extended to her personal life and wondered what her family members thought about her. Some suggested that the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off should feature Daniele’s family to provide more insight into her character.

No Redeeming Qualities?

Viewers noted how “delusional” Daniele is about her behavior on social media. One Redditor highlighted that she may be a bigger narcissist than people realize and listed her numerous flaws, including allegations of inappropriate relationships with minors and lies about her husband’s visa application.

Daniele calls fan ugly

A Look in the Mirror Needed

Lastly, fans joked about how Daniele needs to look in the mirror before calling her fans “ugly.” One Redditor wrote, “Someone tell Yohan to lower the mirror to the floor so she can take a good look at herself.” According to viewers, Daniele is too busy deflecting criticism and finding faults in others without realizing her own shortcomings.