The Unraveling of a Once Perfect Love Story

When “90 Day Fiancé” stars Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno decided to call it quits in 2022, fans were shocked by the messy aftermath. The couple’s troubled journey through love, betrayal, and heartache played out on screen for the world to see, and it only got more intense.

An Impending Doom: The Final Season

As the fourth and final season of “The Family Chantel” aired, it became clear that Chantel and Pedro were at a breaking point. With Chantel accusing Pedro of infidelity and Pedro pleading for space to think about their future, the couple could no longer see eye to eye. Their crumbling marriage took center stage, and by the end of the season, they had already separated, with Pedro determined to finalize their divorce.

Chantel and pedro divorce

A Bitter and Painful Legal Battle Begins

What fans didn’t know was that the couple’s decision to part ways only marked the beginning of the drama. In May 2022, both Chantel and Pedro filed for restraining orders against each other, which demanded they stay away from one another and avoid any complications during the divorce process. The orders also prohibited the canceling of insurance policies, selling joint assets, and making changes to home utilities.

Chantel’s Abuse Accusations

Chantel’s suspicion of Pedro’s infidelity played a significant role in their relationship’s demise, but it wasn’t the only issue she had with him. In a series of damning allegations, Chantel also accused Pedro of mental and physical abuse. While Pedro has not publicly addressed these claims, Chantel hinted at her struggles in a since-deleted TikTok video about cheating exes.

Chantel and pedro divorce

A Second Round of Restraining Orders

In July, Chantel and Pedro were hit with additional restraining orders, further emphasizing the need for distance. As of now, it’s unclear whether these orders are still in place, but both parties seem committed to moving on from their tumultuous past.

A Painful Chapter Comes to a Close

Chantel and Pedro’s love story was filled with passion, but their divorce process proved to be an emotionally draining rollercoaster. As they continue to untangle their lives, fans can only hope for healing and closure for both parties as they put this dark chapter behind them.