Here we are again with Ashley Smith and Jay. It seems as though the cheating scandals just never end when it comes to the 90 Day Fiance phenomenon. 90 Day Fiance cast member, Ashley, said she left her husband Jay because she learned he cheated on her again…

She had chosen not to be truthful about what was going on initially by saying they broke up because she just couldn’t get past all his infidelities.

ashley jay breakup

Ashley took all the drama to TikTok to expose how she was feeling hurt that Jay had apparently cheated on her again with the same mistress he was with in the past. Ashley claimed: “I lied to the world because I’m so ashamed and embarrassed I let this happen AGAIN…”

“I gave it my everything. I loved him so much.” She continued: “I took my savings to start my own business and gave it to him so he could live out his dream. “And what did he do…he was messaging the stripper he originally cheated on me again.”

ashley jay breakup

“A few days later he cheated and I told him to get out. He had her bring him to my house to get his belongings.” Ashley Smith continued: “I lost 30k trying to help someone I thought was finally ready to be a real man.”

“It’s all my dumb fault. I’m sorry I lied to all of you. In that moment, I was so weak, I couldn’t take public opinions and deal with the trolls.”

Around a month ago, Ashley said the two had split for good – this time after Ashley struggled to move on from his alleged infidelities and claims Jay had fathered another woman’s child.

However, now we know that Ashley was just covering up the truth because it was just too much to handle. I really can’t blame her for that. I couldn’t imagine having everyone in your business, let alone when your husband straight up embarrasses you. It’s just not okay. I really do wish Ashley the best and hope she moves on from all of this!

ashley jay breakup

Ashley admitted: “the trust is broken and can’t be repaired,” Ashley shared the very sad news on her Instagram with a quote that read: “Sometimes things just don’t work out and it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just the way things are.”