I can’t say I’m all that surprised by Deavan’s new boyfriend, Topher Park, deciding to get an OnlyFans page of his own! I mean, he is getting a lot of free publicity these days by just dating a 90 Day Fiance cast member. So, I guess why not?

Something I am curious about is how a couple can not go crazy by both having an OnlyFans account? Call me old-fashioned, but that is just a huge no-no for me! I can’t imagine how awkward that would be to talk about as a couple. Maybe I’m just too uptight though…

topher park onlyfans

Deavan used her Instagram to advertise Topher’s new OnlyFans page. Deavan talked about how handsome he is and said she created a link in her bio so people can easily subscribe to his OnlyFans. Well, at least she is supportive of Topher’s ventures. The link in her bio on Instagram takes you right to his OnlyFans page.

Just because Deavan is hyped about Topher starting an OnlyFans page, it doesn’t exactly mean other people are. A lot of comments weren’t the most positive about the idea and most people actually seemed more annoyed by the whole thing.

topher park onlyfans

A lot of comments said they wouldn’t waste their money and that no one wants to see that. On another note…some people accused Topher of using Photoshop on his pictures, especially his abs. This wouldn’t be the most shocking thing though…

Some comments pointed to people just being over Deavan all together, which means they wouldn’t want to show support to Topher just by his association with her.

topher park onlyfans

I wonder if Deavan’s ex, Jihoon, will be the next one to give OnlyFans a try? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised since he has been changing his appearance a lot recently and might want to show it off.

Only time will tell though! Would you be interested in Topher’s OnlyFans page or not so much?