The season 8 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé took a very odd turn when Brandon and his parents had a conversation about practicing safe sex with his fiancé – Julia. While the couple will mostly be with his parents during her stay, the pair will get some private time during a short trip to Washington.

brandons mom 90 day fiance

Since Brandon and Julia will have some privacy during their weekend getaway, his mother – Betty, asked if Julia uses birth control. Brandon replied that she does not. When Betty questioned whether Julia didn’t want to be on birth control, Brandon explained that Julia actually has no interest to. Even with that information, his mother said she wants to help.

“If she’s not, I’ll be happy to take her over to the doctor when she gets here, if she’s willing to take a chance,” Betty said. “You know, I guess, I mean, you can do other things to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

brandons mom 90 day fiance

Brandon said he didn’t want to “take on that kind of responsibility,” to which both of his parents wondered what he meant by that. “I guess we are not being safe,” he said, causing his parents to look super shocked. “I’ve brought up the idea of birth control multiple times to Julia,” Brandon explained. “And every time, she shut it down quick…She’s funny about putting medications in her body. So, I’m just like, birth control is not an option.”

Brandon added that “there’s nothing wrong with condoms, but they’re definitely not as fun.”

brandons mom 90 day fiance

Betty continued, by saying: “Don’t be taking chances you shouldn’t take.” Betty said that she thinks the couple’s lack of safe sex is “an accident waiting to happen.” She also stated that she wants for her son to do things responsibly in the future.

Within a few weeks following the couple’s meeting, Brandon flew out to see Julia in Russia, there he asked her to be his girlfriend. Soon after he proposed after just 5 months together. What do you think of Brandon’s mother getting so involved in her son’s relationship?