Colt and Jess finally speak to each other since their disastrous breakup on 90 Day Fiance. It all goes down on the Tell All which airs September 27! This is just a teaser for you, but apparently the two face off over the truth about their past relationship. Colt was quite harsh towards Jess, he even said that they might as well be strangers. Jess responded by saying he was a terrible boyfriend to her and I don’t blame her for saying that.

During their heated meeting, Colt tells Jess that she never really loved him and wanted to change everything about him. He said that Jess wanted to change the way he looked, lived, and just everything about himself. He also told Jess not to pretend that she was the best girlfriend. Wow. Colt was not holding back about how he felt about Jess! I actually think he was way harder on her than necessary.

jess 90 day fiance

Jess seemed uncomfortable with what Colt was saying about their past. She stood by the fact that she did love him and only him during their relationship. In my opinion, I feel like Jess was being honest about how she felt, however, I don’t feel the same way about Colt. To me, it looks as though he is going out of his way to cause a stir and seems like he has no empathy towards Jess at all.

I’m not saying Colt has to be super sweet towards Jess, but there was supposed to be love for one another at one point, does that all disappear? He could at least be friendly towards her, there’s no need to cause more hurt and pain and make unfounded accusations. Only Jess knows how she truly felt about Colt, it’s not up to him to tell her how she feels.

colt jess

Not only was Colt brutally honest with Jess, he had his mother, Debbie, right by his side cheering him on. At one point, Debbie told Jess that she was just a liar. Jess did defend herself and told Debbie to be quiet. I honestly don’t blame her. Debbie has a bad habit of getting overly involved in all of Colt’s relationships, ultimately leading to there downfall.

colt jess

His relationship with Jess was no different. They started off in a good place and as time went on Jess experienced first-hand what Larissa had warned her about. Jess sadly found out that Colt was not a faithful partner and that Debbie couldn’t give them space to grow as a couple.

Will you be tuning into the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell-All Special? I know I will! It looks like we will find out a lot about what really went down this season and where the cast members stand with each other today. Let’s stay tuned!