The 90 Day Fiancé universe is ablaze with outrage and disbelief following Debbie Aguero’s shocking accusation against Jeymi Noguera at the Tell All episode. The 67-year-old has made a startling claim, dubbing Jeymi a “predator” based on some mysterious ‘insider information.’ Despite facing a hailstorm of backlash, Debbie stands unflinchingly by her controversial remark.

‘Predator’ Accusation Ignites Firestorm🔥Screenshot Below!

The stage was set for high drama at the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Tell All, but no one was prepared for the incendiary bombshell Debbie Aguero dropped. Her accusation against Jeymi, branding her a “predator,” has caused a whirlwind of fury among viewers. The drama intensifies, however, as Debbie adamantly refuses to back down, leaving fans asking: What was the “insider information” that led to such a scorching comment?

Debbie Aguero Jeymi Noguera Scandal

Behind the Scenes: Unraveling the Mystery!👀

What could possibly have caused Debbie to point the finger at Jeymi, suggesting she was the reason for the problems in her marriage to Kris Foster? Could it be that her experiences with the artist formerly known as Oussama skewed her judgment? Or is there more to the story that viewers didn’t get to see? Debbie’s defense of her statement has raised more questions than answers.

Debbie’s Stand: Is She Trying to Save Kris Foster?💥

In response to the public outcry, Debbie alleges that she made the inflammatory comment to protect Kris, who she says was in a very fragile state. She claims she discovered damning “insider information” about Kris, not Jeymi, prompting her controversial statement. She goes on to suggest that Kris, a victim of extreme child abuse, is in danger of becoming a statistic and she’s trying to prevent that.

Plot Thickens: What’s Next in This Unfolding Drama? 🔮

While some of Debbie’s supporters have rallied behind her, many, including her fans, are slamming her for the “predator” comment. Meanwhile, Jeymi seems to be taking it all in stride, even releasing a video poking fun at Debbie’s derogatory remark. But as the dust settles on this dramatic event, what’s next for these 90 Day Fiancé stars? Will the truth about the so-called “insider information” ever be revealed?