When Happily Ever After Isn’t Guaranteed

Marriage doesn’t always mean happily ever after. The reality TV spinoff, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, certainly proves that, as fans witnessed the beautiful moment when Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera tied the knot. However, their story doesn’t end there.

The Emotional Distance Grows

After their wedding, Kris had to return to Alabama, leaving Jeymi in Colombia and fans wondering if they would ever reunite. In a recent episode, we got a glimpse of the strain their separation has put on their relationship. Jeymi accuses Kris of only calling her three times in three months. But is there more to the story?

Kris and Jeymi Video Call

The Tense Video Call

In a sneak peek clip from People, Kris and Jeymi have a very tense video call. What was initially supposed to be a two-week trip to Alabama turned into a three-month stay for Kris due to medical issues and financial concerns.

Money Matters

Kris explains that she and Jeymi were running out of money, so she has been working odd jobs in Alabama to support their life together. “I don’t enjoy this at all,” Kris tells a distraught Jeymi. “I want to be there.” However, Kris cannot legally work in Colombia yet.

Jeymi’s Struggles

Jeymi, who quit her job when Kris moved to Colombia, feels that Kris has been emotionally neglecting her. “I don’t care [about] money,” Jeymi tearfully tells her. “I need support from my wife. You called me three times,” she accuses, referring to the entire three-month duration.

Kris and Jeymi Video Call

Kris Fights Back

Kris angrily denies Jeymi’s accusation, stating: “That’s a lie.” She goes on to explain the various odd jobs she has been working and how she doesn’t have her phone on her while she’s working. Jeymi remains hurt, saying, “You no call me never. It’s the first time [I’ve] looked at you in one month.”

A Marriage Hanging by a Thread

This heartbreaking video call exposes the harsh reality of Kris and Jeymi’s struggling marriage. As fans continue to watch their story unfold, they can’t help but wonder if this 90 Day Fiance couple will ever find their happily ever after.