Some viewers argue that Monica is portraying Isabel as a gold-digger, only after Gabe’s alleged wealth. However, evidence suggests that Isabel actively supports Gabe’s business endeavors. As Gabe’s life partner, is it reasonable for his family to expect her to work for him without compensation? The situation raises questions.

A number of fans have pointed out what they perceive as toxic and manipulative traits in Gabe’s sister. They believe that Monica may not have the best intentions for Gabe and his future with Isabel. It appears as though she would prefer to keep Gabe all to herself. At some point, Gabe’s family needs to accept Isabel and respect his desire to have a family of his own, without diminishing their importance in his life.

Isabel and Monica 90 Day

Gabe has admitted that his sister can be opinionated and unkind at times, leading him to be cautious about sharing details with her. During a dinner together, Monica seemed to convey a sense of superiority over Isabel.

When Isabel attempted to discuss her feelings with Monica, she was met with skepticism about her intentions. Monica even questioned how Isabel would feel if Gabe wanted a prenuptial agreement. Isabel responded that she would be willing to sign one, as she is not motivated by money. However, should Monica have any say in this matter in the first place? Some argue that she is crossing a line.

Isabel and Monica 90 Day

Gabe has acknowledged that his sister has a history of overstepping in his relationships, but he struggles with addressing the issue. If Gabe and Isabel’s relationship is to continue, it may be necessary to confront Monica’s alleged attempts at sabotage.

In a preview for the next episode, Gabe and his mother learn that Monica is refusing to attend his wedding, potentially showcasing further manipulation and toxicity. What is your opinion on Monica’s behavior towards Isabel? Share your thoughts below!