In a shocking turn of events, ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Kris Foster finds herself in the eye of a storm following some damning allegations about her time during the filming of the show. The rumors are ablaze, and Kris isn’t holding back – Screenshots at the end of article!

The Rumors, The Accusations – Kris Foster in Rehab? 👀🔥

A source revealed an intense conversation they had with Kris, where they confronted her with rumors of her alleged stay in rehab during the show’s filming. But wait, there’s more – the rumor mill also suggested she had been mistreating Jeymi, her partner in the show, even going as far as pushing her!

Kris’s Response – Fiery Denials and a Plea for Truth 🚫💬

Kris, known for her candidness, did not take these allegations lying down. She vehemently denied the claims, stating, “No, I’ve never been to rehab and never needed it!” She goes on to share a personal struggle of her son who had to be sent to rehab, showcasing her strength and resilience.

The Accusations Turn Uglier – Was Jeymi Mistreated? 👥🔎

Next came the allegations of mistreatment, to which Kris responded fiercely. “I did nothing but treat her like a god!! I have not now nor have I ever put my hands on Jeymi!!!” she retorts. She further reveals the scars of her past, being raised in an abusive household and the emotional trauma she still bears, vehemently condemning the abusers.

A Powerful Message from Kris – The Last Word 🗣️💥

In her passionate denial, Kris also lashes out at those spreading these rumors, condemning them for living “pathetic lives” and fabricating stories about her. “If I’m such this big horrible person why the fuck they wasting the time pretending to be me??? F****** losers!!”, she signs off, leaving no room for doubt about her stance on these allegations. Screenshots of text messages below, credit to 90daychisme on Instagram.

Kris Foster Rehab Accusations