The latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s tell-all segment has revealed some shocking truths about Oussama and Debbie’s relationship. And yes, it involves the infamous green card!

The Unraveling of Oussama and Debbie’s Relationship: The Unheard Truths 💔🎬

In a seismic shock to fans, Oussama confesses he no longer loves Debbie. “I loved her, but now, I don’t love her,” he reveals, leaving viewers stunned. This confession is the epicenter of the breakup, spiraling the couple’s story into uncharted territory.

No Love, No Future: Oussama’s Devastating Statement 🚫💔

The tell-all episode uncovers more than just a breakup; it unravels a tale of a lost future. “There is no more future for us,” Oussama declares, shattering any hopes of a possible reconciliation.

The Green Card Saga: A Twist in the Tale 🎭📃

But wait, there’s more! The tell-all segment brings to light a new angle to the story: the green card. Despite their split, Oussama’s peers urge Debbie to help him secure a green card. “Miss Debbie, with all due respect, get him a green card,” pleads Yohan Geronimo, Daniele Gates’s husband, sparking a heated debate.

The Fall Out: Debbie vs. Oussama – The Aftermath 🥊🌪️

With Oussama continuously trying to contact Debbie and the green card issue adding fuel to the fire, the aftermath of their breakup is far from peaceful. Fans are left in suspense as Debbie’s son, Julien, is set to appear on the tell-all. Will he confront Oussama?