Debbie Ready to “Knock” Oussama “into Next Week” as Relationship Collapses 💔🥊

In an explosive turn of events on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Debbie’s worst fears come to life when her boyfriend, Oussama, reveals his true intentions for their relationship. In an exclusive clip from Sunday night’s episode, Debbie confronts her 43-years younger beau when he demands she bring him to the U.S.

Watch the exclusive clip below:

Visa Ultimatum: Oussama’s Hidden Agenda Exposed 😵‍💫🚨

Debbie believed she was moving to Morocco for good, but Oussama has other plans. He clarifies that his real goal is to obtain a visa, move to the U.S., and make a living as a painter and poet. Oussama insists that there is no future for him in Morocco, but Debbie is devastated by his revelations. She refuses to support a man only seeking a visa, leading Oussama to call off their relationship.

“Scum of the Earth”: Debbie’s Outrage Unleashed 🌪️😤

Feeling betrayed, Debbie vents her disgust and anger to the cameras, calling Oussama the “scum of the earth” and questioning when his true intentions surfaced in their three-year relationship. She holds back her urge to physically confront him, but her fury is palpable.

Debbie and Oussama

A Clash of Words: Debbie and Oussama’s Fiery Exchange 🔥🗣️

As Debbie returns to confront Oussama, she demands he feel ashamed of himself, but he remains unfazed. Despite her accusations of deceit, Oussama turns the tables, calling Debbie a “liar” when she won’t bring him to America. The heated exchange reveals just how fractured their relationship has become, leaving viewers to wonder if there’s any hope for reconciliation.

A Relationship in Ruins: Can Debbie and Oussama Recover? 💔🧩

With the shocking revelation of Oussama’s true intentions and the bitter war of words between the couple, fans of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way are left on the edge of their seats, anxiously awaiting the outcome of Debbie and Oussama’s tumultuous relationship. Will love prevail, or will the truth prove too much to bear? Find out in the next heart-stopping episode!