Amid rising tension and revelations on 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort, one question remains unanswered: Did Jovi Dufren cheat on Yara Zaya?

jovi yara cheating

Jovi’s Bed Mystery: From Suspicions to Allegations

Fans have been left to speculate about Jovi’s recent actions after it was revealed he invited an unidentified person into the couple’s bedroom. Given Jovi’s past inclinations towards strip clubs and strippers, some fans theorize he might have brought a stripper home. This theory gains momentum when considering that he once even took Yara to a strip club.

Doubts and Texts: Yara’s Confrontation

Adding more fuel to the fire, an upcoming episode teases a confrontation between Yara and Jovi about mysterious text messages. When Yara probes, asking, “Why would you text her?” Jovi’s response – that he was “trying to have fun last night” – does him no favors. Her emotional reaction suggests that the person Jovi texted might be the same individual he invited into their room.

jovi yara cheating

Big Ed Weighs In: A New Perspective

Big Ed, another cast member, adds another layer of complexity. He implies that Jovi seemed more eager to meet “this girl” than his own wife, Yara. The assertion doesn’t sit well with Jovi, leading him to angrily threaten Big Ed.

Piecing Together The Puzzle

While the evidence is circumstantial and the full story is yet to unfold, fans are on the edge of their seats. The question remains: Did Jovi Dufren cheat, or is there another side to the story?