In an exclusive clip from ’90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise’, Nicole is finally introduced to her mom Lidia’s new boyfriend and decides to put him under the microscope about his dating past.

The clip starts with Nicole questioning Lidia’s new beau about a previous relationship. “What happened with that woman?” she asks. The boyfriend reveals that his former flame stopped communicating with him and has a partner now. But Nicole doesn’t let up, pressing him further by asking about the age of his ex. “29 years old,” he admits.

The conversation takes an interesting turn when Nicole wonders if her mom’s boyfriend prefers younger women. He insists that age is just a number and that it’s all about personality and compatibility. Nicole, however, remains skeptical, suggesting that his Colombian ex may have used him for money. “I can’t believe she was in love with him. That’s crazy,” she exclaims.

Nicole grills Lidia's boyfriend

What’s more, Nicole can’t understand why her mom’s boyfriend never sent Lidia any money while they were talking, especially considering the amount he spent on his ex-girlfriend. He defends himself by saying he doesn’t have to buy anyone’s affection.

But the real shocker comes when Nicole reveals that her mother picked out a gift for Lidia herself, something he initially wasn’t planning on doing. Lidia’s boyfriend confirms that he brought the gift, which is now in his room.

As the clip ends, it’s evident that Nicole is determined to protect her mom from potential heartbreak, and Lidia’s new boyfriend must prove that he’s genuinely in love with her. Will this love story stand the test of time and Nicole’s scrutiny? Stay tuned to ’90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise’ to find out!