In the tumultuous world of 90 Day Fiancé, the drama often spills over from the screen to social media, keeping the buzz going even when the cameras stop rolling. One character at the center of it all is the Nigerian music artist, Usman Umar, famously known as Sojaboy. Scroll Down For Screenshot!

Lately, Sojaboy’s love life has been the talk of the town. Photos of him with his new girlfriend, Kiera Elise Ogden, are lighting up the internet, sparking all sorts of conversation among fans. The two have been spotted together multiple times, adding fuel to the speculations about their budding relationship.

Sojaboy New Girlfriend Kiera Elise

Kiera Elise Ogden is an interesting figure herself. According to her Instagram profile, Elise is a designer, a proud dog mom, and a travel enthusiast. She’s based in the United States but has been seen spending time with Sojaboy in the UK, raising questions about the nature and seriousness of their relationship.

The drama thickened when Kiera decided to address the elephant in the room: Usman’s notorious ex, ‘Baby Girl Lisa’. A commenter brought up Lisa in one of Kiera’s posts, and Elise was quick to establish some boundaries. She responded, “We don’t do baby girl racist on this page…” a clear sign that she isn’t a fan of Sojaboy’s ex. It’s quite a bold statement to make, indicating that she’s not interested in dwelling on Usman’s past relationships.

Sojaboy New Girlfriend Kiera Elise

It’s clear that the Sojaboy saga is far from over, and we can only speculate what’s next for him and Kiera. As their relationship continues to unfold, fans will surely be glued to their social media feeds, eager to witness the next chapter in this compelling 90 Day Fiancé story.