Darcey Silva, known for her appearances on 90 Day Fiance, and her daughter Aniko have recently sparked controversy. Fans of the show are expressing concern over Aniko’s decision to undergo cosmetic treatments, allegedly influenced by her mother, Darcey. Scroll Down For Video!

Darcey Silva’s Influence on Daughter Aniko’s Cosmetic Treatments?

Darcey Silva and her twin sister Stacey are renowned for their cosmetic enhancements, and fans have frequently criticized them for this. Recently, public outcry intensified when it was suggested that Darcey encouraged her daughter, Aniko, to undergo cosmetic treatment.

Aniko and Aspen, Darcey’s daughters from her previous marriage with Frank Bollok, are often praised by fans for their natural beauty. However, Aniko recently shared a video where she announced she was receiving cosmetic treatment, which raised eyebrows among fans. The video showed Aniko at a clinic getting “Clear Aligners” to achieve her “dream smile,” a move that echoed her mother’s tendencies.

Aniko Undergoes More Cosmetic Treatments

Aniko’s First Steps into Cosmetic Treatments: Lip Fillers

The incident sparked a debate among 90 Day Fiance fans, who see this as Aniko taking her first steps into the world of cosmetic treatments, a path well-trodden by her mother and aunt. Moreover, Aniko reportedly underwent a lip filler treatment, intensifying the fans’ concerns.

At 19 years old, Aniko’s decision to change her appearance is causing a stir among fans. A Reddit thread comparing her look before and after the procedure shows Aniko looking like a completely different person, causing fans to express hope that she will not continue to modify her face.