90 Day Fiance star Stacey Silva has sparked a heated controversy following a significant transformation, leading fans to accuse her of ‘blackfishing’. Best known as the supportive sister of the equally controversial Darcey Silva, Stacey came to fame after she and Darcey were given their own spinoff show. Stacey has recently changed her look so dramatically that fans have had difficulty recognizing her. Scroll Down For Pics!

Stacey Silva Blackfishing

Stacey Silva’s Major Transformation and Accusations of ‘Blackfishing’

Stacey Silva, who has previously made headlines for her multiple cosmetic surgeries, is no stranger to changing her appearance. However, her latest transformation has left fans both stunned and concerned.

Stacey Silva Blackfishing

Known for her blonde hair, Stacey recently unveiled a dramatic new brunette makeover on Instagram, leaving fans commenting on how unrecognizable yet stunning she appeared. Many fans were complimentary, saying the darker hair tone made her look younger and more vibrant.

However, the praise quickly turned into criticism when fans noticed more than just a change in hair color in Stacey’s new photos. Accusations of ‘blackfishing’, a term used to describe influencers and celebrities who alter their appearance to resemble African Americans for wider appeal, were immediately raised.

Fan Backlash and Criticism

Fans were quick to point out that Stacey appeared to have not just darkened her hair but also significantly tanned her skin, triggering widespread criticism. The new, more controversial look was not received well by fans who felt Stacey might be attempting to gain more popularity by imitating African Americans.

The backlash was swift, with fans taking to Reddit to voice their disapproval. Comments ranged from accusing her of ‘blackfishing’ to questioning whether she used Nutella as bronzer.