There seems to be something in the 90 Day Fiance water these days…everyone is undergoing crazy transformations, from Angela Deem to Rose Vega, and now Darcey Silva! You can’t deny that she looks quite different now.

Darcey Silva reveled her new look by showing a short clip of herself. In the new season of Darcey & Stacey, we will see the dynamic duo getting a twin makeover. They apparently get work done on their nose, a breast reduction, lip lift, and new veneers.

Darcey Silva plastic surgery

The twins wanted to get a makeover to look “snatched” for Darcey’s upcoming wedding. Although Darcey and Stacey seem to be thrilled about all of the changes, some fans are concerned that they might be going too far, especially Darcey.

Some believe Darcey may have an addiction to plastic surgery. One fan said that Darcey should be careful because these procedures can be dangerous. Another said she thinks Darcey will never be happy with the way she looks and they believe she will continue to seek out plastic surgery because of this.

Darcey Silva plastic surgery

Of course, some fans believe Darcey didn’t need to have any work done at all and prefer the way she looked when she was dating Jesse Meester. They feel that she had a more natural look back in the day. I’m sure there are people who prefer the way she looks now though, everyone has their own opinion.

What are your thoughts? Should Darcey stop with all of the plastic surgery or is she not doing anything out of the ordinary?