Fentanyl Test Gone Wrong: The Downfall of Olivia Hopkins

Olivia Hopkins, the daughter of “90 Day Fiancé” and “Happily Ever After” star Molly Hopkins, has found herself in serious legal trouble. Olivia recently pleaded guilty to multiple probation violations after testing positive for Fentanyl in early March.

The court ordered her to serve 45 days in the Cherokee County Jail, although she was released earlier after serving less than the full sentence. Olivia had been serving 12 months of probation after pleading guilty to simple battery following an altercation with her mother, Molly Hopkins, in October of 2020.

Olivia Hopkins Arrest

A Tangled Web of Violations

According to court documents, Olivia admitted to no fewer than nine probation violations, which included the positive drug test, unpaid fines, and uncompleted community service hours. The full list of violations paints a troubling picture of Olivia’s struggles with the law and her inability to meet the requirements of her probation.

The Molly and Olivia Hopkins Saga: A Mother-Daughter Altercation

Just a week before her April arrest, Olivia filed a motion to withdraw her guilty plea regarding the initial simple battery charge. This charge resulted from a heated altercation between Olivia and her mother, Molly Hopkins. In her motion, Olivia cited several reasons for withdrawing her plea, including that her plea was not knowingly and voluntarily made, and that her attorney was ineffective.

However, a live stream by Olivia soon after the altercation with Molly might make it difficult for her motion to be accepted. In the video, Olivia speaks out against her mother, claiming “20 years of abuse and neglect” and admitting to her wrongdoing.

Olivia’s Shocking Confessions: Admitting Responsibility While Trashing Her Mother

In the video, Olivia admits to feeling no respect for her mother and takes responsibility for her actions during the altercation. Despite the emotional outburst, it remains to be seen whether her motion to withdraw her guilty plea will be accepted in court.

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