90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way delivers yet another emotional rollercoaster as Rishi faces a heart-wrenching confrontation with his family over his engagement to Jen. In an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Rishi’s family struggles to accept Jen, leaving the couple’s future uncertain. Click play on the exclusive clip below:

Rishi’s Family Grills Him About Jen

In the video clip, Rishi’s mother and uncle question him about Jen, his American fiancée. They’re visibly disappointed when they learn more about her, and Rishi’s hopes for their acceptance begin to crumble. He realizes he must not only convince his mother and uncle but also his entire family, which he knows won’t be easy due to the importance of family approval in Indian culture.

The Age Gap Becomes a Major Issue

Rishi’s family is shocked to learn that Jen is 48 years old, approximately 15 years older than Rishi. Much like Debbie and Oussama’s recent struggles, the age gap is not well-received. Rishi’s mother reminds him that in their home state of Rajasthan, they typically marry someone younger.

Rishi Family Rejects Jen

A Reluctant Daughter-in-Law

Rishi’s uncle is concerned about Jen’s unwillingness to live in the family’s home and the implications of her age on their future. The family wonders if the couple would be able to have children, and Rishi’s mother urges him to think it through.

Rishi Defends His Love for Jen

Despite his family’s disapproval, Rishi stands by his relationship, pointing out that many other couples have similar age differences. However, his family remains unconvinced, with his mother stating that such age gaps might be acceptable in other countries but not in India.

Heartache and Despair for Rishi

As the clip concludes, Rishi expresses his despair in a confessional, feeling like he has lost everything and is broken from head to toe. The outright rejection of Jen by his family leaves him in a heart-wrenching situation.

This emotional episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way showcases the challenges Rishi and Jen face in trying to secure their future together. With Rishi’s family firmly against their union, will the couple be able to overcome these obstacles and find happiness together? Tune in to find out.