If you are a 90 Day Fiance fan then you already know Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira did not get their happily ever after. We learned even more on the premiere of 90 Day Fiance Bares All. On the episode, Brittany and Yazan revealed some shocking details about their relationship we had no idea about!

Brittany made it super clear that she does not want Yazan in her life. She even made some accusations about Yazan cheating on her. Brittany said that it broke her heart because he had been with other girls while they were a couple. Yazan completely denied all of the cheating claims, but Brittany said she has screenshots of his conversations with other women.

The couple appeared on the final episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way last November. When Brittany moved back to Florida from Jordan, her and Yazan were still together at the time. However, shortly after returning home, she started to learn about what was really going on. Brittany started to receive messages exposing him on social media.

Brittany claimed that she was the one to end the relationship with Yazan, but he actually insists that he was the one to break up with Brittany. Obviously someone is not telling the truth here and wants to make the other person look bad. Just seems like a waste of time to make up stories, rather than tell the truth.

To make things even worse, Brittany accused Yazan of calling her and asking for money. She said when she came to visit him, he had told her he had a job, but she found out that was a lie. Brittany continued by saying she paid for everything. If Yazan actually lied to Brittany about having a job that would be pretty messed up. If you’re going through a hard time, at least be honest to your partner about it.

Yazan had some things he wanted to share about Brittany. He said he was blinded by love and could not see that she was lying to him and taking advantage of him during their relationship. According to Yazan, Brittany was secretly seeing older men while they were together. He also mentioned that his family was being sent Brittany’s social media posts by other people, which was seen as quite detrimental to his family.

Brittany alleges that Yazan stole money from her purse while she was staying in Jordan. Apparently, Yazan covered it up by saying she was sleeping and he needed to get something. However, Yazan responded to Brittany’s accusations by saying she was lying. Honestly, this relationship has been so confusing right from the start. Was there ever love between these two?

A lot of private details about Brittany and Yazan’s relationship were revealed during this episode of 90 Day Fiance Bares All. What do you think about what was said? Who do you believe?