This story just keeps on going. Currently, 90 Day Fiance’s Jihoon Lee urges fans to donate to a GoFundMe to see Taeyang, who is his son with his ex, Deavan Clegg. Deavan has very openly moved on from Jihoon and has been very loving and affectionate with her new man (rumored fiance), Topher Park.

Jihoon Lee GoFundMe Taeyang

Topher Park has also taken on a father role to both of Deavan’s children, which has been a surprise to many people, especially Jihoon. Recently, we learned that a GoFundMe was started by a strong supporter of Jihoon. This fundraiser is intended to raise enough money to allow Jihoon to fly to the United States and have an opportunity to fight in court to see his son.

Jihoon has shared posts to his Instagram that are meant to grab at your heart strings and persuade you to donate money to the cause. In one of the posts, Jihoon shares a picture of his son with his grandfather. Jihoon captioned the picture by saying he loves his son and just because he doesn’t post a lot about what’s happening doesn’t mean anything. He also adds that his parents miss him too. Jihoon says he looks forward to being a father to Taeyang and asks people to donate if they can.

90 Day Fiance's Jihoon Lee Urges Fans to Donate to a GoFundMe to See Taeyang

Jihoon also shared a post with a picture of his son, with a link to the GoFundMe in the caption. It is clear he is being serious about this and hopes people will donate to help him. Additionally, Jihoon also shared some interesting Instagram stories too. He claimed that he wakes up at 9am, works out at 11am, then works from 1pm until 1am, which would be a long 12 hour shift. He finishes by going to sleep at 3am and repeating the whole process again the next day.

If what he is saying is true, then maybe Deavan wasn’t being truthful when she said Jihoon wasn’t trying to work and provide for their family. Jihoon received a lot of hate for spending his money on cosmetic procedures and an expensive motorbike. Hopefully he will not spend the GoFundMe money on anything other than seeing Taeyang. That should be his top priority as his father and he shouldn’t give up on him.

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Is it surprising that 90 Day Fiance’s Jihoon Lee urges fans to donate to a GoFundMe to see Taeyang? Or did you see it coming?