Deavan recently did a live on her Instagram account where she opened up about TLC, Jihoon, the abuse claims, and her new man Topher. She spent her live responding to comments while she got ready to attend a wedding.

I will first address what she said about her new guy. She made it clear that he acted in the past just for fun, but he is currently working as an accountant – which she seemed very proud of. She also said that Jihoon new about Topher, but pretended like he was surprised by the whole thing. Deavan said that he is the only person in the world that keeps her sane. At one point during the live, Topher actually texted her to tell her to chill out when she was getting a bit out of control.

deavan jihoon abuse

Let’s get to what Deavan said about Jihoon. In short, she said he has been lying about absolutely everything. What’s even worse is what she exposed about him as a father. According to Deavan, Jihoon does not want to be part of his son, Taeyang’s life. He feels as though he doesn’t have to participate in his son’s life because Deavan has a new man around that can take on the father role to him.

Obviously, parenthood doesn’t work that way. Just because your child’s mother has a new partner doesn’t mean you are no longer a father. Apparently, Jihoon had said that Taeyang is an American and because of that he needs to be raised by Americans. To me, it all sounds very strange. If Deavan is telling the truth, and Jihoon actually said these things I would be quite surprised.

deavan jihoon abuse

Deavan also talked about the abuse claims she has made against Jihoon. She said Jihoon has been lying about what really happened with Drascilla and that he also has been downplaying his actions. Deavan said she has a lot of evidence that will prove what she is saying is true. She said she had recorded a lot of their fights and has photographic evidence of abuse as well.

Of course, we don’t know if what she is saying is true, only evidence would prove that. Deavan spoke a little bit about TLC and being on 90 Day Fiance. She pretty much said that the whole thing is fake and the producers come up with a story-line for the couple and just edit the content to fit that. Deavan said she thought the viewers knew that reality TV was fake and acted surprised by people taking it seriously.

deavan jihoon abuse

Deavan went on to talk about her nondisclosure agreement and that it was the reason she couldn’t be honest about her breakup with Jihoon. She said she had to keep things quiet not to break the agreement.

During the live, she also opened up about Drascilla and said she developed some problems after what went down. Drascilla had issues with her eating and has gone to therapy to help her recover. Deavan stated that TLC payed for Drascilla’s therapy because they are aware of the trauma she endured during filming and thankfully she has started to eat again.

There as so many twists and turns with this story! I have no idea what else will come out from the Deavan and Jihoon drama mill. Hopefully we will get to the truth as more 90 Day Fiance episodes come out. What are your thoughts on what Deavan said during her live?