It’s no surprise that Jihoon would want to speak out about what’s been going on lately. There have been some serious accusations made against him and it’s only natural to protect yourself. He had an intense rant recently, where he talked about his breakup with Deavan, her new boyfriend, and the abuse allegations against him. Let’s chat!

First things first – Jihoon obviously isn’t happy about Deavan’s new boyfriend Topher Park. He accuses Topher of pretending to be Taeyang’s father. Jihoon stated that Deavan got a new man even though they were still married and he was very hurt by it. If Deavan did start seeing someone new behind Jihoon’s back, it would obviously be very hurtful to him. The screenshot below includes Jihoon’s own words, explaining his side of the story.

jihoon abuse accusations

Concerning the abuse allegations from Deavan – Jihoon has addressed some of her accusations against him. Jihoon stated that he was only trying to discipline Drascilla since Deavan wanted him to be a father to her.

Apparently, Jihoon was trying to show Drascilla that pulling someone’s hair was wrong, so he tugged on her hair to demonstrate that. At this point all of this is a he said, she said. We can only hear both sides of the story and make up our own minds. Below is a screenshot of Jihoon defending himself against the allegations of abuse.

jihoon abuse accusations

Jihoon also spoke about his appearance and his current fixation on it – he apparently thought Deavan left him because he was a nobody. I kind of feel bad hearing that from Jihoon, I’m sure that wasn’t a good feeling to experience. He continued his rant by saying he can hardly eat one meal a day. To me, it sounds like he must be feeling quite depressed and has lost his appetite. He was hoping to be reunited with his son, so he said he would try to remain positive and think about seeing him one day.

However, Jihoon then said a month later, another man was pretending to be a father to Taeyang. Jihoon claims that Deavan started her relationship with Topher only two months after leaving South Korea. He went on to say he tried to be mature and not bring their personal drama to social media. It seems like Jihoon wanted to handle things privately, but Deavan did talk about their family issues more publicly. Jihoon breaks his silence in this screenshot.

jihoon abuse accusations

Jihoon has been negatively impacted by what’s playing out online – he says it has become sickening and fan reactions are hurting him in a toxic manner. He went on to say that he just wants to heal and become a better person.

It is obvious that Deavan has moved on, but we cannot be sure if Jihoon’s version of the timing is true or not. Deavan has been open about her new relationship with Topher and has been sharing pictures of him on social media. I’m sure it is hard for Jihoon to see another man take his place so quickly.

This drama between Deavan and Jihoon is getting out of hand. They are constantly being questioned about what’s going on because fans just want to know the truth. Especially with abuse allegations involved – people want to know who is telling the truth and who is lying. It’s apparent that all parties involved are struggling with their feelings and I hope they come to a resolution soon. What are your thoughts on Jihoon’s responses?