If you thought something was off with Darcey’s new boyfriend – Georgi Rusev, you were correct! It seems Darcey just can’t catch a break when it comes to her love life. There is always something crazy going down. Her relationship with Georgi has not been an exception to this and it looks like he has been keeping his fair share of secrets.

A sneak peak of what’s to come on DarceyandStacey revealed that Georgi is actually a married man! Apparently Darcey had absolutely no idea, so it’s understandable why she was so shocked. Georgi told Darcey that he is still married, but he is separated and going through a divorce. Personally, I don’t think I completely believe him. If you are able to hide such a big secret, there’s no telling what else you could be lying about.

georgi married

I actually feel bad for Darcey. She puts so much effort towards her love life and finding the right person. It feels sadder this time around that she is still being lied to. I don’t think Georgi can really justify keeping the fact that he is still married from Darcey. It is wrong anyway you look at it. That is something your partner deserves to know regardless.

Darcey stated that during her time with Georgi in quarantine, there was one thing that had come to the surface. She went on to say that she hasn’t told anyone about it, but that she needed to talk to someone other than Georgi to help her understand it. She then revealed that Gerogi has actually been married for three years.

georgi married

A trailer for DarceyandStacey showed more of what we can expect. It revealed Darcey confronting Georgi during an argument about his past, which left her in tears wondering if he has a secret child. Darcey broke down, saying that she wants to build a life and a future, and that she is just sick and tired of it.

I truly do feel for Darcey. I’m sure she does want some stability in her life and wants someone she can come home to. However, I’m not sure if her choices are really helping her. I feel like if she chose partners who were more compatible with her, she would have a better chance at creating a loving and lasting relationship.

georgi married

Darcey honestly does seem to have the best of intentions when it comes to her relationships, but for some reason ends up with people who don’t have her best interest at heart. I don’t know what made her believe Georgi would be a good fit for her? He is obviously at a different stage of his life and most likely has very different priorities.

Especailly since Georgi is going through a divorce, I highly doubt he would be wanting to jump right into another marriage with a woman he barely knows. It is all just very unrealistic. Sometimes I wonder if these relationships are just for the sake of reality TV, but that would be a whole other topic!

Anyways, what are your thoughts on Georgi being married? Did you see it coming or is it a big surprise to you?